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A bed. In a box.

The Best Night's Sleep You've Ever Had


The Best Value Hybrid Mattress In The UK 

Things are moving fast when it comes to fabric technology and what makes a mattress work. We listened, and came up with a unique combination of coolness, breathability, firmness and just plain comfort to give you the best mattress you've ever had. 

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What is a Mattress in a Box?

The Humphrey Hybrid Mattress in a box is just what the name suggests. 


It is a whole mattress compressed, flattened and rolled into a box. The box is then delivered to your doorstep, where all you have to do is take it out of the box, lay it down and let it expand. The ease of assembly and the convenience of delivery is what has contributed to the rise of the popularity of a whole mattress in a box.

You will be able to sleep on your hybrid mattress within 12 hours of opening, to allow for maximum expansion wait for 24 hours.

Why choose to buy a mattress in a box?

1. Cost: You avoid the unnecessary markups and high prices that the salesman might be quoting.

2. Ease: The mattress comes in a quality box with handle and wheels, unlike most other mattresses.


3. You have the freedom to do all the research you need online.

Why a Humphrey Mattress Is For You?

The Humphrey hybrid mattress in a box is the perfect solution for those who don’t like to waste time and don’t like unnecessary mark ups.


Our mail order mattress delivers right to your door for free and comes with the guarantee of our Warranty.


Did we mention you also get a 30-night trial so you can sleep on your new bed to truly decide if it’s right for you?

T&C’s apply

What goes into a Humphrey?

Highest quality knitted fabric

Polyfibre padding

High density foam

Secondary high density foam

Non-woven first layer

Non-woven second layer

Pocket sprung system

320g cotton padding

Anti-slip fabric

Our Fall in Love 10 Year Guarantee*

Same Day Delivery

ZZZ Sleep Assured

Imagine waking up refreshed....

We spend about 26 years of our lives sleeping.

That's about a third of the average lifespan....

What's maybe even more surprising is that 7 years of our lives are spent trying to GET to sleep.


It's time to take action. Get better sleep, and get to sleep better.  

take a Humphrey home....

Clever materials, better design

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Non-Stop Testing

We use independent testing facilities to mimic years of use for different sleepers. 

It's how we came up with just the right pressure to keep supporting sleepers year after year.

Smart Materials

The materials we use to create The Humphrey hybrid mattress take advantage of the latest research to provide unrivalled comfort, support and coolness to even the most troubled sleeper.

Beautiful Design

Looks matter. We knew our mattress had to look as good as it feels. We know it spends its life 'undercover', but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful on the outside too!

take a Humphrey home....


Happy Humphrey Customers

'Thank you.

I am on medication and this often keeps me awake. Using The Sleep Co. mattress has almost completely stopped this. Eternally grateful.' 


Isabel Q, Bury St. Edmonds

'Incredible. Best sleep I've had since I was a child. Not sure how you've done it!'


John E, London


Super comfy.'


Sue P, Grantham

'I'm a side sleeper, and I've always had issues getting a full night's sleep. 


This time I think I've cracked it, thank goodness. Thank you.'


Ananya P, Stevenage

'My wife says I have kept her awake our whole lives together, and now I don't. So I am finally in the good books!'


Phil S, Southampton

' A very good night's sleep, and much better than a much more expensive mattress we own in another house.'

Patrick, Congleton

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